Employee Spotlight: Randy Smotts

May 14, 2020

Randy Smotts (right) was the first outside employee hired after the acquisition of Southland Response that became Lone Star. Hired in January of 2017 to a new and upstart company, Randy took a leap of faith, hoping we would land the Dallas Ft Worth TxDOT contract, and believing that once we did, he could grow it from nothing to the premier division of Lone Star Hazmat. We did land the contract, and he has lead the growth of our anchor region.

Starting as the only employee in the DFW region with 1 Quick Response Truck, officing out of his house, and $0 in revenue – Randy has grown the region to have 3 Full-Time employees, well over 15 part time staff, and a fleet that includes a Managers Truck, 2 Quick Response Vehicles, a Heavy Response Truck, 500 Gallon trailer mounted HydroVac, and a Mini-Excavator and Broom Skid soon to be added – and regularly seeing revenue numbers that the executive team and ownership group could not be more pleased with. Randy has proven to be the most valuable asset in the DFW Region.

From the Executive Team and the Ownership Group, we want to thank Randy for his commitment to excellence in all task large and small. His understanding of our customer base, the work and service we are performing paired with his attention to detail, makes Randy a great team member.

Thanks for all you do Randy!