24/7 Emergency Spill Response

You never know when an accident will happen, but when it does, you better know what to do about it. At Lone Star Hazmat Response, we have been responding to and resolving customer emergencies for almost two decades. We have the certified training and knowledge, the on-the-job experience, and the proper equipment to respond and remediate your emergency situation.

Do You Know What To Do When A Spill Happens?

Spills can come in all shapes, sizes, and substances. Planning and prevention before a spill happens can be one of the most important things you can do to be prepared for an accident. Whether in the field or in your facility, having a spill plan and a response partner in place can minimize issues and resolve the situation quickly and safely.

Before A Spill Happens:

    • Identify and document possible spill types, including oil, chemical, raw material, and pollutants
    • Understand applicable regulations for materials stored or transported
    • Have an emergency response partner like Lone Star Hazmat Response available
    • Train on response steps, with an annual review, or when changes takes place
    • Have personal protective equipment (PPE) and a spill kit available and accessible

When A Spill Happens:

    • Clear the area for safety, and access the correct personal protective equipment
    • Identify potentially hazardous materials, from chemicals, oil, raw material, or pollutants
    • Communicate any spill to others in the area, supervisors, and if needed, the 24/7 Emergency
      Response Line at 888-9HAZMAT, or use the HAZGen 2:15 Incident Reporting and Dispatch smartphone app

The purpose of a spill plan is to communicate, control, and contain the dangers of a spill, from a minor slip accident to a catastrophic containment breach.

Let Us Help You Create A Safer Workplace

Over The Road Spills And Dangerous Debris

In an over-the-road accident, transported materials including oil, diesel, gravel, sand, or dropped cargo can create a hazardous situation and even lead to compounded traffic accidents. Leaks and spills in transit can be hazardous for drivers, police, and rescue personnel, and even other drivers in the area.

At Lone Star Hazmat Response, we are ready to respond and remediate spills and dangerous debris from your over-the-road accident with state-of-the-art equipment, training, and expertise. We can transfer materials from a damaged or compromised vessel to another vessel, and properly dispose of any hazardous materials.

Facility Spills and Hazardous Materials Removal

Even in the safest workplaces, accidents can happen when there are chemicals, hazardous materials, and pollutants being stored on-site. When an accident happens, being prepared to respond can be a life and death matter.

At Lone Star Hazmat Response, our emergency spill response creates a safer work environment. When we respond to your call, we’ll assess the risk, confine the spill, stop the source of the spill, evaluate and implement the appropriate clean-up, decontaminate the area, and create all necessary reporting on your behalf. We also remove and dispose of hazardous materials from your facility.

The Right People And The Right Tools, Anywhere, Anytime.

Our qualified and certified team of experts employs the right equipment, latest technology, and the most effective processes to mitigate a wide variety of contaminated sites and conditions.

Our highly skilled employees receive training at the 40-hour HAZWOPER level, including hazmat specialists and incident commanders, who work according to the Incident Command System upon arriving at the response site. We can provide personnel, technical support, and equipment to stabilize an incident.

Our response and remediation capabilities include a full range of emergency response vehicles and equipment, which allows us to work effectively and safely in any type of emergency spill response situation.

Project Management Trucks

Outfitted for the needs of a Project Manager with all necessary safety and communication equipment as well as the ability to immediately begin emergency response.

Quick Response Trucks

Outfitted for the needs of two Response Technicians with all necessary safety equipment, as well as supplies necessary to respond and eliminate most common emergency hazards.

HydroVac Trailers

Outfitted to meet the needs of fluid cleaning and handling. Designed with accessibility in mind such that stationary use is at the ready, but when needed, skid mounted for purposes of removal and accessing unique, hard-to-reach areas.

LSHR Emergency Response Trailer

Transfer Trailers

Outfitted to bring all critical emergency response equipment to offload commodities in a safe and effective manner. Equipped with pneumatic pumps, clean and certified transfer hoses, cold tap equipment, Level A,B ,C personal protective equipment, grounding and bonding equipment, carbon filter for vapor suppression, and more.