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Hazmat Incident? We Have An App For That.

HAZGen 2:15, the Lone Star Incident Reporting and Dispatch System is an app for your smartphone that provides direct access to the locations and details of incidents, enabling our team to respond to your incident without delay. Using the app enables you to log information related to the incident so your Lone Star team can create, manage, and deliver real-time results.

If your driver has an accident or a spill, they can open the app to immediately contact us. Their GPS coordinates are shared with our response team, along with some basic contact information the driver provides, so we know where the incident is located and can dispatch the appropriate field team to remediate and resolve the situation. Additionally, a “live” map is available so managers can monitor the locations of all active personnel and incidents. With the app, Lone Star Hazmat Response can monitor, track, and log every step of the response process, including disposal and lab data.

When safety is restored and the threat has been mitigated, the HAZGen 2:15 app can provide reporting information important to the billing of the incident, logging materials and equipment used on the job, and dynamic tracking of the number of hours spent on the incident. The field team also has the ability to input notes and provide status reports of the incident. Events are time-stamped and logged for more reliable and accurate tracking of billable information on an incident. Once an incident is deemed complete, a narrative summarizes and packages the incident for billing and export.

This real-time information provides an unmatched level of service response, real-time communication, and post-event reporting capabilities that can make a real difference for your business during an environmental response situation.

Get the Lone Star Hazmat App For Your Phone. Because Accidents Happen.

Just download our HAZGen2:15 app to your phone and know that we’re available to help you at the touch of a button, anytime from anywhere.