New Spill Kits from LSHR

Jun 25, 2021

Comply with Spill Plan regulations, avoid fines, and be ready to respond with the #1 kit for oil-based spills.
Our PIG Oil-Only Booms stop spreading spills and PIG Stat-Mat absorbs quickly. This overpack drum container is UN Rated for shipping waste after an oil spill cleanup. It is X-rated in Packing Groups I, II and III for shipping spill cleanup waste by land, sea, or rail. It also features bold “Spill Kit” lettering for quick identification in an oil-spill emergency.

Let’s face it… spills happen!

Who needs a spill kit?
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have a variety of regulations that require facilities to be prepared for spills. However, even though it’s a really good idea, neither actually requires facilities to have a spill kit. Because every company is different, it is up to them to determine the best way to be prepared. Spill kits are one of the best and most common ways to do so.

What is a spill kit?
A spill kit is a collection of spill response tools, supplies and PPE that will help anyone who is trained to respond to a spill to do so safely and efficiently. A well-stocked and well-designed spill kit saves time because all of the items needed to manage the spill are in one place and ready for use. In addition, the kit can be transported right to the spill.

Are all spill kits the same?
Although spill kits may contain similar types of items, most spill kits are quite different. Our LSHR Spill Kit is lightweight, and the polyethylene container resists chemicals and keeps contents clean and dry. It also includes tamper-proof seals that help prevent pilfering of spill response items. Most importantly, the absorbents included meet ANSI and MIL spec standards for static decay and it is specifically equipped to be used with fuels and flammables.