Mathis Promoted to San Antonio District Response Manager

Lone Star Hazmat Response is rapidly expanding to be one of the top Emergency Spill Response providers for both hazardous and non-hazardous materials across Texas. Our growth means that we can better support our clients. It also means there is more economic opportunity generated for both major cities and smaller towns across the Lone Star state. 

Alex Mathis has been prod surrounding areas. Alex started with Lone Star Hazmat Response in May of 2021 and has been providing exceptional customer service for emergency response that includes hazardous materials identification, recognition, and clean-up. Alex is HAZWOPER certified and an expert in remediating hazardous chemicals and the training of hazardous materials response training. 

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Lone Star Hazmat Response serves the transportation, industrial and manufacturing industries, government agencies, and private businesses across the Southern United States, providing unmatched emergency spill response 24/7/365, as well as safe and effective environmental remediation services. 

About Lone Star Hazmat Response

Customers count on Lone Star Hazmat Response to quickly, safely, and expertly help control, contain, and clean up the spill and any damage, restoring safety to the area.

As an insured, certified response contractor for local governments, private carriers, insurance companies, brokers, and industry, Lone Star operates across the South to provide effective emergency spill response and environmental remediation. Our certifications qualify us to handle event levels, as defined by state and federal standards. Find out how easy it is to have Lone Star Hazmat Response on your team.